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Hi, I'm not trying to start a ***** session...  but am just curious is anyone else has had any problems communicating with Wistuba about orders via email??  Or maybe he just hates me?
I've bought plants from Andreas for the past seven years, and I've bought a lot of them.
Personally, I've never had any problems, with the exception of a recent shipment which
didn't make it through customs in San Francisco for some reason, and that was presumably
beyond his control. In fact, to make it up to his customers, he's promised to send a free
plant to each person who was inconvenienced by this debacle.

In addition, I've met him personally, and can tell you that he's a very nice person, and knows
what he's doing. However, he is pretty busy, and it can take him a while to get back to you.
It's also possible that he has simply forgotten to reply to you. In any case, I doubt that
it's intentional, and suggest that you send him another message.

Hope that this information helps you, and that it all works out OK!
There are no problems with Andreas I just got yesterday a parcel with plants I had ordered a while ago.
he is little slowly with answers to e-mails but I use to make orders from him once a year and it work just fine
I ordered from him last year, and I am still waiting on two plants. First the customs problems in San Fransisco, now the growing tip rotted during shipping to the US. I'm glad he checks though, it's worth the wait to get a healthy plant. Anyways, he takes a while, but many of his plants are worth the wait.
I personally did not have a good experience with my order from Wistuba. I never recievced 2 plants and got no explaination as to why, the Neps I ordered were 2cm diameter or less (despite his sites assurance that all plants are at least 4cm) and one of them was totally rootless and the Utrics I ordered from him were a mess, one was a single leaf with no stolons and the other was and inch long section of stolon with no leaf. Despite repeated attempts on my part I never recieved any explaination and gave up after 6 months.
Dear readers,

I'm not too happy reading postings like this in forums (even more as most of the times the posters prefer to stay anonymous and you do not know with whom you`re communicating...).

Anyway, due to the fact that I had to switch to a new distributer (some of you might know this), all USA-orders until July were delayed by a few weeks.All orders scheduled for August and later should be perfectly back on track.

I guess you can hardly imagine the efforts I made to quickly find a new importer in just a few weeks... This had cost me more than a sleepless night and countless mail and phone conversations. You are right, however, that due to this efforts and the time involved, some answers were delayed recently. I'm very sorry for this.

What really concerns me are Pyro's and carnivorous23 comments:

Especially when it comes to fair dealing, I'm sure that there is hardly anyone who could complain about me. Right now I cannot relate this issue to any order-problem I'm aware of. I'd be glad, if you would let me know, who you are, so that I can see which order went wrong, and I assure you a quick solution. I'm very sorry if there were any problems that were not handled perfectly at your satisfaction.

Best regards

Andreas Wistuba

Dr. Andreas Wistuba

Wistuba - Exotic Plants
Andreas, welcome to our forums! I hope you stick around and become a active member.

Whispersiren... watch the language please? many of us are adults, but we need to keep the forums clean for our younger members, and parents who wouldnt want them to read such words.

No big deal, and I already edited it for you.
To those that feel the need to be HORRIBLY rude to Andreas, we're removed the posts. It's uncool to take your problems public in this forum when a perfectly adequate explanation of then situation was given.

He's doing the right thing... and sounds like things are back on track with him... now cut the guy some slack!

Anyway, this topic is being locked. And if Andreas wants this thread deleted, I'll gladly do so on his request.
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