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Winter Buys

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Is it worth me buying plants in the winter (I live in a flat with no garden), or is it best to wait until spring?
Depends on what plants you want.
If you're getting plants suitable to grow indoors and the seller can provide heatpacks if necessary, why not?
What about using a grow light (heat lamp)?
What about using a grow light (heat lamp)?
I don't really know anyone who uses heat lamps for growing, though if you were growing in a small, cold area that needed heating it might work well. As for grow lights - oh, yes! Try a search here for lots info on the subject. Also, some good stuff here, though it's hardly the final word: LED Plant Lighting | ICPS. For tropical/subtropical species this is the standard way to go. If you buy temperate species you will probably need to get them through dormancy before you can plant them outside. Most would rather wait and buy them in the springtime.