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Willow cuttings

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I hava a salix hybrid. Does anyone know how to take cuttings of the willow tree?
Willows in general are very easy to root. Most will root in water. What I would do is go to the local nursury or home depot and buy some root & grow or similar product. Take a cutting of a semi harwood or softwood limb cut it at an angle at the base (soil end) and cut the other end leaving at least two nodes (leaf connection point) dip the angle cut end in the dip and grow and plant it in a small container with pre-wetted seed starting mix (peat & pearlite) then put the cutting in a ziplock bag and put outside in bright shade. After a few week you can check for roots by tugging on the cutting. If it doesn't start to pull out of the pot, you have roots. Once rooted, plant em.

You can also try plain old water but some willows won't root that way.

I'm sure other people have other techniques, hopfully they will post.

Good luck and happy growing.
Take a branch/twig in the late winter before the leaves have grown and stick it halfway in the ground/pot - it should grow (although you might get better results with Glenn's method). Willow fencing stakes will also grow - I have seen this myself, and I heard a story of a load of trees planted around a power station with willow stakes; most of the trees died and they ended up with a forest of willows instead. Willows generally grow in damp places, and water dispersal of sticks & branches is likely to be important to them.