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Will mother nature overfeed?

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Happy Monday everyone...

I leave my plants outside, and they seem to catch at least 1 fly everday. I have read in this forum that you should feed your traps 3-4 flys a month, but it is not neccessary. If mother nature does her thing... is that bad? If they were in their normal environment, wouldn't they be eating all the time?
megan in the wild they get insects my vft's are always getting flies most of the time they have
almost all of their traps full I have 15 of them so I wouldn't worry to much about over feeding
them just let them do their thing and they will be happy .
Hi Meagan

Happy Monday to you too.

Like Shaun, my VTFs are outside and at any given time, almost every trap is feeding on all 9 of them. As far as I'm concerned, they are doing what nature intended them to do in the wild so I don't worry about too much or too little food. I don't want to interfere with them. I want them to have as close to a normal, natural life as possible and that includes wind, rain, sun and hot/cold temps. They seem happy.