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Will an aquariam work for my VFT?



I just received my fly traps. Thy ae beautiful. Still open with no leaves bad at all. I would like to put them in an aquariam. Will that work? Does anyone know of a better way to plant them? It gets to hot and to cold here in Southern Missouri to put them outside so I want to keep them inside and be able to grow them in a terrariam type atmoshere. Thanks for looking and I hope you can help.
Hey Tower,

First off WELCOME !!

If you keep the VFT's in a terrarium, the only problem is air flow. These plants need to have air circulation. So if you keep them in there...open the lid ( not all the way. ) just so that new air can replace the old. Stagnant air will produce mold.

The plants can take temperaures into the mid 90's so heat isn't that much of a problem. You want to make sure that the plant gets good lighting as well.

If you use a terrarium, use a cool white light. You can also use a growlux, if you can find them.
Either or. Just make sure that they light stays on for 12-14 hours a day!

Good luck with your plants. Keep us informed on how they do!