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Wierdest things you have fead your VPT

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What is the wirerest thing you have fead your VPT and did it survive. Moderators: What is the bigest thing thing you can feed it?
you might not wanna feed it anything bigger than the trap so it all depends on trap, food shud be half of trap, depending on its roundness, if its some sort of .... flat thing then i guess those can be biggest comparing to your trap
I'm pretty boring and only feed them flies and beetlse. I did feed them hamburger meat for about a month before I wrote this site and found out that's why my plant was dying.
I've been feeding my VFT Daddy longlegs and so far it seems to be doing well off the spiders. I live in alaska so I can't leave it outside, and thankfully there aren't any bugs in my house for it to eat.
DarkFox, See what I wrote in your other topic about what daddy long legs can do to your traps... oh... and they are not spiders!

weirdest thing? umm... don't know... they just tend to catch whatever they catch...

I whacked a blue hornet with a broom the other day and fed it to one of my sars... does that count?