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White mold

I've been keeping my VFT's in a 5gallon tank under flourescent lights, with a plastic cover with holes to keep in humidity. Apearently, this has promoted some fungus on ONE of my plants in there. After flushing out the plant, removed the plastic cover to get more air moving around. That should help kill the fungus, right? Also, the soil of the one VFT looks very different from the others. I bought that one at a store that really has nothing to do with plants, but had them as a 'neat' idea thing. The soil itself is very very thick, and takes water a little bit to drain out. The top of it is sort of green and slimy. And the color is black. The 'soil' of the plants i got from lowes looks like a bunch of tiny branches. The 'soil' from the plants i got from PFT, looks good  
. Now, despite the fungus, the plant has very large traps, and seems to be growing extremely well. Since i got it, (had it for about 3 weeks or so) It has produced 4 baby traps so far. And a very large leaf. I was wondering if maybe it was the soil that was casuing the fungus in just that pot, or was it the conditions? And did i fix it by removing the plastic cover(suran wrap) with holes and flushing the pot? Please get back to me! Thanks!

and it kinda smells
I'm not an expert, but if it isn't harming the plant I'd just leave it alone and improve air circulation. Just be sure to remove the dead leaves so it doesn't overwhelm the new growth.
I would scrap off the fungus and get some more air into your 5 gallon tank. On my 10 gallon tank I keep a 4 inch gap and it seems to hold the humidity in well. Vfts are not humidity hogs like other cps.