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White fuzz on roots


Staff member
4 of my VFTs started to turn black and put out smaller leaves. I thought they were going into dormancy so I keep them in a cooler place with lesser light.

To my horror, I found that their roots had white stuff when I wanted to pack them into the fridge for their sleep.
What does the white stuff look like? I don't want to jump to conclusions and say it's fungus. Does it look like spider silk sorta? If it does you could have soil pests and should re-pot and wash the roots ASAP. Be a little more descriptive so I can help though, there are a few "white stuff"s that can happen to plants.
I would want to say the roots are rotting. If they were in lesser light...and kept wet. That is grounds for mold to start.

I would get some kind of fungicide, either mancozeb, cleary 3336, or banrot ( that is what we use here and it works to take out any and everything )

I hope your plants do ok.

PLEASE keep us informed!!
It sounds to me like mildew, but without pictures it would be hard to say. VFT roots are normally black/very dark brown
The stuff is like cotton wool. Looks like mealy bugs but I don't see any insect.
If you think it's something in your soil I would really advise going to www.beneficialbugs.com and ordering some beneficial nemetodes. They will wipe out all the bad things living in your soil and never ever harm the plant. They have bugs to combat just about everything, so take a look ok.
Hi everyone,

I'm pretty sure it's not fungus now. I soaked the 2 pots of VFT in water overnight a few days ago. Then I put them under the regular florescent lights.

Guess what? They are putting out new leaves! I'll monitor...but any other comments?