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Which would be good for cp's?

I was just browsing reptile rescue Canada (great place to find used aquariums and feeder supplies) and saw some one posted they grow the following bugs:

Microworms, vinegar eels, flightless fruit flies (both hydei and melogaster) and red worms.

So what the heck are Microworms, vinegar eels and red worms? And what’s the difference between the two kind of fruit flies. Also any one feeding any of these to their cp’s?
OK Im bored so Ill do some hunting here and help you out

micro worms are....
A tiny earthworm, so small you can barely see them, and then only if you strain your eyes. The perfect food for tiny fish.


pic from www.lfscultures.com

vinegar eels are...
An extremely tiny aquatic nematode (about the size of microworms or smaller), really a worm, not an eel. They are found naturally appearing in vats of vinegar. They make excellent food for fry of nearly all species of aquarium fish. Their advantages over microworms is that they are slightly smaller and they live longer in the aquarium. Their disadvantage is the somewhat more complicated harvesting methods that are required.

(copied and pasted from www.petfish.net same with the micro worm above)


pic from www.carolina.com

Red worms...
Red worms, also called "Red Wigglers", are considered by many to be the best,"all around", bait. They will catch most all game fish world wide and will catch them when other baits and lures let you down.
copies from www.klpoultryfarm.safeshopper.com


pic from www.cityfarmer.org

The only difference in the fruit flies that I can find is size


pic taken from www.livefoodcultures.com
D. melanogaster on the left and D. hydei on the right...the
scale is the same

I have fed my smaller vfts the flightless fruit flies and it worked out just fine you can find them at any old pet store realy at least places like pet smart and pet co. The others I don't think I would worry about or use. I deffinately wouldn't buy them from where I looked they just sell way too many and I would have no idea what to do with them. Plus they just seem too tiny. If you are up for suggestions crickets are good too if you get the smaller ones.
I am currently feeding my terrarium melogaster fruit flies, they are slightly smaller, and have a different breeding cycle than the other kind... (Sorry can't remember)

I really like the fruit flies... fun...

At the Expo, Phil and I were also feeding pinhead crickets to flytraps, pinheads are 1 week olds or younger, and we had them in a plastic cup. We would gently shake the cup over a bunch of traps and the pinheads would fall out in groups of thirty for fourty, if you aimed well, one trap would close on twenty or so. Over the next hour or so, the crickets would set off other traps, some would be successful traps, others failed, over all, about 10 or so probably escaped.

We were using crickets from Armstrong's crickets, the booth next door... before they gave us the cup, we were sentencing their escapees to death!
So I take it that you would purchase some fruit flies/crickets and then breed them yourselves as a constant source?

I've only been able to catch regular flies which tend to be too large for my traps, but ok for my sarracenia.