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Whey Protein

I'll be getting an S. purpurea soon. I read in previous posts about whey protein. Once the plant is over shock and adjusting to it's new environment, I have pure deydrated goat milk whey. Should this be essentially the same thing?
Sorry CN,
  It looks like we know CP's pretty good, but not goat milk whey.

Here's what I found in a quick Google search:  Goat milk is the most like human milk in composition containing many rare base minerals balanced just right to be easily digested and absorbed and the fat and protein in goat’s milk is more easily digestible than cow’s milk.

Several sites went on about the benfits of the minerals and vitamins, etc.  I think the above summerizes the basic differences between goat and cows milk though.  Hope this helps.
Sorry, haven't been around much lately!

don't know about goat whey, I assume it will be ok, heck, the stuff I fed my plants is vanilla flavored...

I used VERY little, not even a teaspoon in about 3/4ths cup of water, so don't get to heavy with it. Spray down the plant with distilled water mist after you add it, to keep fungus from growing on any deterius left behind in your feeding.

Just for clarities sake, the stuff I used was

EAS Pure Protien, Vanilla flavored. it's made frome pure Whey Protien Isolate as a starting point. (purest form of whey you can get.)
Has anyone else tried whey protien? I have a few Sarrs that won't be going dormant this year and I was thinking about trying it..
why protien?? I read up a little on what nutrients VFTs extract from insects and I don't recall amino acids being mention, just the basic minerals found in dirt. Does anyone have a specific reason they feed this to their plant???

My VFT likes fishfood. Anyone here tryed that?
So does it help any Ram?
Fishfood? what kind?
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I second that on the fishfood? What kind of fishfood and why feed it to your sarr's?
For the same reason as whey protein I suppose?