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When will my cobra lilies be mature

I just brought a medium size cobra lily from cooks . I was just wondering , when will it be mautre , the pithers are 5 inches .
The grow quite quickly once they get to the size of your plant. I would expect that you will get quite large pitchers this year, and they should be approaching full-size next year.
Cook's has around three year old cobras that are "medium sized" mature plants produce thier largest pitchers when they mature at 5 years,
I also forgot to mention that it looks like my plant is going to flower , i thought that it was just going out of dormancy but theres a small scape about 3 inches tall thats has small bracts the ned looks like a small bud but I'm not sure yet , i mistaken the bracts for pitchers . So i guess it is alreayd amture , how tall should a mature plant be .