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When will I see color (other than green)?

I got a bunch of Neps a couple weeks ago (my first Neps ever) and I was wondering when I could expect the pitchers to get all colorful. When they arrived, most pitchers were brown from the transportation shock, and the surviving ones were all plain green. The plants are relatively small (like 4 inches across).

Do existing green pitchers transform into colorful ones, given good conditions, or do colorful pitchers have to be colorful from the beginning (i.e. only new pitchers can be colorful).

The Sarracenia Purperia that I got at the same time as the Neps was also initially all green, but now there are little red sprouts coming out of the bottom. So I thought it was about time that my Neps showed me some color. SHOW ME THE COLOR!!

Anyways, let me know what you think.


P.S. The Neps are ventricosa, judith finn, sanguinea, and rafflesiana. Interestingly, the rafflesiana (my only lowlander) is growing the best in what I consider to be my "highland" terrarium. Weird.
Not what you want to hear I am sure but the best answer I can give you is "it depends."

Speaking from experience, my ventricosa showed red on its first new pitcher right after I got it and has been colourfull ever since. Under identical conditions, my khasiana is only now starting to show signs of colouring up (2 years later.)

My recommendation would be to provide them with good light and just let them do it in their own time. Don't try to "force" them into colouring up by hitting them with full sun all day long or 24 hour flourescents.

It depends is right!
In JF it will usually have SOME color on the peristome. Sanguinea depends on what form it is if the reg. form it will have slight color on it if the red form you should see color soon. Ventricosa should color up soon and Rafflesiana will have red specks on a green pitcher as PFT sells that variety.
Some Nepenthes will gain in color as they mature and age. Particularly the peristome will often open up a pale color. This of course only will happen when the plants naturally will do that and they are getting sufficient light. You will also find that small seedlings will typically not show mature coloring no matter what the environment is like.

Give them time... a couple weeks is not very long as they are probably only just now beginning to settle in and adjust to your growing area.