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When do they start growing?

I just got some Cattleya orchids when my mother divided hers for the first time (in about ten years!). She doesn't pay too much attention to them and they always flower beautifully, so she doesn't know too much about them. I potted them about two weeks ago in bark and have kept them in shady conditions since then, waiting for them to take hold, or whatever they need to do before I put them in a little brighter place. I have watered them about once a week. Is that too much or too little?

When can I move them to brighter conditions? I don't see much (if any) new growth and here and there one of the pseudobulbs (along with the leaf) in a clump is turning yellow.

Haaaalp! Am I doing some or every thing wrong?

Thanks, John
Just allow the medium to almost drie out before soaking it again. You may want to water it a little more for the next two weeks though. Hold off on fertilizing though untill the plant starts growing again.(puts out a couple leaves)
I agree with Tristan - let the bark dry between waterings and hold off on the fertilizer. The first sign of new growth might also be new roots. If the plant isn't currently in a growth cycle, it might take quite a while for it to reestablish itself - be patient.

BTW, be sure the plant doesn't wiggle in the pot - the tips of new roots are easily damaged.
Okay, thanks -- I think I noticed some new growth (root? on one and it looks like a new leaf on another) yesterday, so maybe some are going to survive! I am letting dry between waterings like everybody says.