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Whats the best beginner?

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Does anybody know a good beginner species? I'm thinking about getting one.
My vote would be for N. ventricosa. This plant is pretty much indestructable.
my first ever was a N. rafflesiana from here

its growing quite nicely!, i would suggest a raff as they can take cold and warm temps, they can take up to 35 F(with out frost) for a week, but its not that good, if the temps with it get low like 70 at night its fuine, but it likes warm temps, i got 2 of these now

my first one has white pitchers and barlely any of specks, and the second one i got about 3 weeks ago when it makes a new pitcher its all speckled, and both are from pft

i would suggest N. Rafflesiana

heres some additional care instructions
i think i have the "white" and the "typical" kind
I agree with Pyro, N. Ventricosa is the most forgiving and can some take big changes in environment fine. Rafflesiana is easy too but Ventricosa is easier.
Thanks everyone!!!
You might also try the extremely easy N. alata, or khasiana.
well, i dont have much luck with ventrosica, and i think raff is easier than it,
I vote for N khasiana too, as it grows super fast for me, even under lowland conditions. N ventricosa is near indestructible, but I think N khasiana is a more graceful plant.


I would go for N.Gracilis if you could keep it warm and humid. You'd have a bush in a few weeks to months!
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There are several very easy to grow beginners nepenthes. N. alata is quite easily grown...N. maxima is another...N. ventricosa is another and so is N. gracillis. N. rafflesiana is also easy to grow. Actually most of them are, but some will grow quite slowly. Also, many hybrids such as N. x effulgent koto, N. x rokko, and N. x ventrata are good easy ones to grow that grow quite quickly. Have fun. Hope there aren't too many choices. Enjoy!

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I am going to add N. truncata to the list! Yes it will get big eventually but a small one will take a couple years.
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my N. ventricosa was not produing pitchers so I put it in a fish tank and it growing like crazzy
but I sill think it is the easest one to grow I got a hybird from a plant shop near me I have had it for 5 to 6 years and it some times has 20% humitiy and other times it has 90% so I think it very easy could some one tell us what it is it at unknow Nepenthes
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I think I'll add N.Tobaica,N.Sanguinea,N.Ampullaria,N.Thorellii,N.Hirsuta,and N.Mirabilis to the list also. These are all very easy Highlanders and Lowlanders that would be easy to grow in a terrarium or on a window sill if RH remains above 60%. It can drop lower but not preferably. Also Jerimiah, the unknown Nepenthes looks like a Pure N.Maxima or N.Truncata x Maxima. I think it is pure Maxima myself.
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Of the plants listed here, I would say that alata (the green/red variety) is by far the easiest to grow for me. I have yet been able to produce conditions where it wouldn't pitcher (indoors, outdoors, highland, lowland, intermediate) and it in general seems to be a nice plant. The pitchers aren't very ornamental/decorative, but they are pretty in their own special way, and can be fairly large. I'm not sure how large they get, but I know at least seven inches. I can also wholeheartedly recommend Nepenthes x ventrata ( a hybrid of alata & ventricosa) these two plants.

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thanks thats what I thought but it does not look like some of the maxima I have seen but those are still the lower pitcher so I'm glad to know what it is can I start cutings of the maxima and is it preatty easy to do

thanks NG
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nepG, mirabilis is VERY easy to grow and it grows CRAZY!!!

its so FAST!, but it has paper-thin leaves and needs about ABOVE 80% humidity to produce the pitchers and leaves properly.

N.tobaica is easy, i dont have one but i am going to get one soon hopefully, and i will add N gracilis
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Stephano, that is why I said N.Mirabilis!
And Mirabilis can and will do fine if humidity is above 60-70% also if it has been adapted properly to low humidity.
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Tobaica, I read, can be adapted to housplant "status"... My Nepenthes hybrid (I think that it is ventrata) is indestructable too... It has huge pitchers, and it is in my bedroom... Its actually getting humid now, so blech, but there was ZERO shock from terrarium to bedroom...