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What's in a name?

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Why did you choose your user name? Does it mean anything?

Jacko is a nickname of mine, as my name is Jack.

And you?
Well, I thought I would live on the wildside and go with really freakish name "Travis". That is my name btw
Well mine is my AOL screen name. Its just a play on words...."plant" for my interest in plants and gardening. And the idea that planting a kiss is like planting a seed...if properly nurtured it can grow into something beautiful, just like a plant does. So if I kiss somebody...I whip out my watering can and fertilizer and pour it all over the person. For some reason, they don't seem to appreciate that.....

I chose buckeye because i live in the buckeye state, Ohio.  Plus, my favorite college team is the Ohio State Buckeyes (2002 National Champs by the way!
). I'm also going to OSU.

I choose pond boy because that`s my name ont the other 4 message boards I`m a member of!