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what would happen

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if i fed a grasshopper to my pitcher would it be able to eat its way out
I've fed small grasshoppers to pitchers and they did fine. You just need to make sure that they go down head first and that there is enough liquid to drown.
depends how big the hopper and the pitcher is. If it was a narrow tall pithcer like minor or flava, dont, i might get stuck and rot or eat out. If its a purp, you can try if the bug is small enough and if it would drown quickly. I would try using crickets (pin heads ofor small plants, medium for larger).
Actually RubraRubra, put grassshoppers down Rearend first! Grasshoppers as all insects do, breathe through the cecile or air holes on the sides of their abdomen. So when they are put rear first they would quickly drown. But yes, you could put then in head first as it wouild confuse them and then they might get stuck and simply die of exhaustion.
Just be careful when you grab them. I grabbed a lg. grasshopper last year to feed my fat S. catesbaei and the son-of-a-#%@ bit me, and it hurt!
I'm 100% sure it was a grasshopper. I've never heard of a Jerusalem cricket, so I don't think they live where I am at.
Bit by a grasshopper!
And they squirt out that stinky yellow goo. Not pleasant.

Ever been bit by a labybug? My neighbor claims she has.

One thing I'd like to try feeding sarrs is mealworms, the adults or larvae. Anyone tried this? I found a site that sells cultures of them (and Daphnia, which I was after):
It was probably a Mexican beetle your neighbour was bit by... they are the same as lady bugs, but are yellow... and when you crunch them they are really stinky... little bastards... they hurt!