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What soil mixture for a Ping Weser??

I want to repot my PIng Weser but I've been told that the mixture isn't a straight peat/sand-perlite mix. IS there a specific mix or is peat and sand/perlite good enough?

Weser is a mex-ping so a media of equal parts perlite, sand and vermiculite should work. You can also add peat, lava rock or milled sphag if you prefer

So one part Peat, Sand, Vermiculite and Perlite? Thanks Pyro.

Are you the same Pyro from the Garden Web?

Not a problem.

And yes I was that Pyro until I got banned for no good reason (really long story.)

> a media of equal parts perlite, sand and vermiculite should work.

Pyro, are you saying that I can grow my Mexican Pings in an inorganic mix of perlite, sand, and vermiculite? If so, that would sure cut down on fungus problems...

It might cut down on fungus, I have never noticed any on mine. I can't guarantee it'll work though.

But this inorganic mix of yours works well for you? What species do you grow in it?
I am currently growing some p.'sethos'(reverse cross of 'weser') in a mix of equal parts of peat:sand:vermicultie and perlite.

As for inorganic mixes, I use a mix of perlite:sand and vermiculite in equal parts for pings like medusina, and 'sethos' x gypsicola that like more neutral soils.
They do fine in organic mixes on the acidic side though.

I have never had any fungus problems with my pings, so I cannot give good advice there. Probably best to scrape off the fungus and give the plants plenty of air circulation.