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What nepenthes hybrid do i have

first o fall i'd like to say that some companys have really healty good condition plants but they never label them correctly so now we have to suffer from guessing what the plant is . well anyways i went to the home depot with my grandpa so he can buy roofing supplies , well i was strolling nere there nursery where i once brought vfts and for the first time i saw a nepenthes for sell at a nursery . but b 4 that i saw vfts and s. pssiatacinas that were labeled s. purpurea 9 I wish the companies took time to label there plants ) well there was only one nep , it was in a 3 inch pot with long fibered spahagnum , and it was pretty big , so i brought it not knowing what hybrid it is . so now i wanna know what hybrid is it . that plant is big , it has large round leaves , the leaves have some red on it , the tendrils are red , and the pitcher is round on the bottom and a lil smaller on top , it has wings , the tendrils are thick , and the pitcher looks like it can't open at all .
well spectablis73 told me its a judith finn , if it is , what will the pitchers end up like , how big will the pitchers be , what colors will they be if they are .well here more info about it , the plant is very thick ( such as thick leves tendrils pitchers stems ) , it has red spots on it , the pitcher is round ( it looks like it never gonna open because the lid is so so small ,
Gublers has distributed several different plants in their packages. If I recall.. one is N. ventricosa, one is an unknown N. maxima hybrid (Gublers doesn't even know what it is) and the other I forget.

You will probably have to grow it larger before a more positive ID can be made.