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What kind of critter...

Dang!! Some critter ate part of my S. Purpurea's pitchers! The pitchers are missing half the top and cracked down to the base. All the fluid and bugs are missing. Any idea what kind of critter would do this? We do not have squirrels, coons or any of that type of animal around here. What we do have is lizards,birds and several of the neighbor's cats that he so kindly shares with us by letting them roam free.

Any ideas on how to prevent my Sarr from being chomped on?

It could be a lizard like you said. Maybe he was hungry, saw all the bugs in the pitchers and decided to have a snack. It also could be a crazy cat. Cats seem to like messing up everything that looks nice (at least ours do
). The only way i can think of to prevent critters from getting your cps would be to put them in some sort of enclosure, like a fence or small cold frame.

Sorry to hear about your loss. Birds often times will tear a pitcher open to get to the buffet of bugs inside. That is my guess.
I'm betting on a bluejay. I saw one around there earlier.  Oh well, it looks like the plant might still pull through.

caterpillars also will eat large chunks of tissue