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What is this?

Does anyone know what this whitish stuff is?  It appeared this morning, and I have no idea what it is.  I was poking around with a toothpick, and it seems very oowey-goowey, and extremely stinky!  Kinda like when you let cut flowers sit in a vase for way too long.  So, what do I do?  Out of my four plants, this one isn't doing all that well.  The older traps seem old and tired, yet the new growth is looking alright.  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
I'm sure it's in the Savage Garden, just check it out from a library.
I would remove it. It's most likely not go to hurt your plant if you remove it and watch carefully for the next few days.
If I were to dig it out with a spoon, will I damage my plant? (probably not any more than the goo itself&#33

Has anyone ever seen this before?

I take it the Savage Garden is a book? Is it about diseases and GOO?! I am afraid that it might seep into my other VFT's.
looks like some kind of fungus
My guess is its mildew or fungus ...get it outta there! Even if Im wrong it doesnt belong there and like you said its stinky  
Oh and when you do make sure you get all of the soil it has touched so it doesnt come back.
Personally I would let the tray to your plant dry out for a day no longer than that every once in a blue moon. How deep do you keep the water in the tray? It looks a bit overly wet at least wetter than I keep mine  
I have been keeping the water about 2" deep. I live in NY and it has been VERY hot here lately. I water them in the morning, and I find that when I get home from work the water tray is almost empty, but the plants are VERY wet. Is that bad? The plant with the goo came w/ spagnum moss, and the goo is underneath it. Should I scrap the moss and replace w/ new? Should I keep this plant in its own watering tray? after I scoop the goo out, should I flush it with distilled water? The goo is definitely gooey! softer than chewing gum, but along those same lines... I am so sad!

My brother gave me this plant at Easter, and all the original traps are still on it. Do they usually last that long? When traps start to die, do they always turn black?