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What is this sarr?

I bought a kit from that big name home improvement store that sells kits in death cubes. It came with a sarr and a VFT, or to be more precise, a big clump of rhizomes with a twisted mess of a small FVT growing from it. I planted it and hoped for the best that somewhere in the mess a sarr rhizome would be present and still alive.

Some time later, the sarr did sprout, but I had no clue which cultivar it was. I know that it won't be a pure cultivar, as it came from the store that shall not be named, but it does have red spotting and coloration in it. This leads me to think it has S. rubra somewhere in it's genetic makeup. Here is the most recent pic I took of it.

EDIT: Don't worry about the VFT! I am replanting everything into a large pot soon and the VFT should get plenty of light.

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Thanks Whim. I am a member on that site. It's interesting what you can get from a Death Cube.
Is it just me or does that look more like an S. minor?
Is it just me or does that look more like an S. minor?

Just you. :p If it were minor I'd say it should have the species' signature "windows".
It's S. rubra ssp. rubra. It's a very common species found in those combo packs, and pretty easily recognized once it gets going.