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I got a plant at lowes  about 2 weeks ago and it is what looks to be a drosera adelea but its not rosetted,its leaves are growing up a stem, do drosera adelea do this? It seems to be growing well in very warm temperatures, i was under the impresion that D.adelea did not fare well in temps in the 80 and 90's. Any body have any idea what i have ?


Adelae is indeed a stem former, and there are few species that have leaves similar to adelae, and these you would not find at Lowe's. Your plant is almost certainly adelae.
If it was a Botanical Wonders plant, in a square box...

Then it is D. adelae.

I have not seen any other plant that they offer

I agree with Tamilin the great!!
Its a adelea then, it was a botanical wonders plant in a square box, with a S. purpea and a venus fly trap. little expensive, but good starters for my little brother,he paid for them so hes bound to take good care of them, hopefully.
I gave him a drosera capensis a large venus fly trap  a beautiful little S. purpea and a S. leucophyla a while ago and he let them die. So these are kinda test plants to see wether or not hes worhty of more. But i cant help but to admit when i saw that drosera adelea alive and gleeming among all those withering plants my heart skipped a beat and i probely would have spent my whole budget for the month to save that one plant.