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What is a easy to grow

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Hello folks,

I was thinking of getting a Utric or two to add to my cp collection and I was wondering which one(s) would be recommended as a easy to grow beginners plant? The 2nd question is how difficult are seeds to germinate? I have seen a few company's selling seeds and being in Canada I thought they might be the easiest way to go.

Thanks in advance,
U. gibba is a very easy aquatic/semi-aquatic.
U. livida is prob. the best one to start off with
U. sandersonii is also very easy to grow but haven't started from seed.
There aren't very many that are difficult to grow. Pretty much any plant that a new grower would be able to get would be a pretty easy grower. U. gibba is difficult to flower, sandersonii and lilvida are good choices, but so is any other terrestrial - dichotoma, flaccida, blanchetii etc.

Seeds are very difficult to germinate.
I hate saying this (and Dodec might kill me for saying it too.)

The easiest Utric to grow is U. subulata you are probably growing it already with out knowing it. Look for tiny hair like leaves in any of your other CP pots and keep an eye out for tiny flower stalks that either bloom yellow or just form seed pods.

Now that I have said that I would recommend you never ever get this plant unless it is the only Utric you want to grow. It is an invasive insideous weed and will swarm into other Utric pots and take over. I hate it with a passion.
Pyro, I have some of those. I kinda like them. They havent taken over either.
That reminds me, I have some U. sub that I should be getting rid of. It has some huge flowers on it right now. Seems a shame to throw it out.

Okay, so technically it *is* the easiest. But I was under the impression that that wasn't the only criteria.
So for some one new to Utrics were would i go if I were looking for a general overveiw of the genus?
Is there perhaps a FAQ somewhere?

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At the risk of sounding forward would any one happen to have any extra Utricularia seed or portion they would be willing to send for a sase? (Having just started in cp's a couple months back I really don't have any thing to trade as of yet).

Thanks again,
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My U. subulata still wasn't even dormant a couple weeks ago when I checked. They are one tough plant. They even overgrew a couple young Drosera capensis last year.

Seedling - I sent you a PM.