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What happened!?!?!?

yesterday I counted over 18 very large Utricularia sandersonii flowers! I woke up this morning to find all of the flowers in a big heap, wilting. I cut all of them off except for 2, that looked okay, and I put them in a heap of books, to flatten them. Does anyone know why the wilted so fast? the flowers were about a month old, maybe more. I got the plant from Jeremiah.
was close to a vent or someplace where the temp was able to change drasticaly ?

that's all i can think of , but i've not had these type of plants long enough to know all the things that can affect them

wish i could help.
I would guess that at a month old the flowers just hit the end of their life expectancy. Shouldn't be a problem for you, once this plant starts to flower it usually keeps going non stop
I've been growing sandersonii for a few years now, and have never noticed a drastic dropoff in flowers like you described.  I have some questions for you:
where is the water level?
light photoperiod?
Are the plants themselves OK.  It was just a flower wilting episode, right?


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