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What car do u drive

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86 Civic Wagovan.

I don't dream about cars, I dream about clean air.
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That's how you say it!

I ride, too.
and I bet tamilin drives off the road!

beacause he's making sure the "tissue culture kit extreme" doesen't break! (that would be so cool, to have a tissue culture kit built-in to your car! or even have a tc kit at all!)I'm hoping to get one... anykone know where I can get one? (I know that's a little of topic...)
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you say you wouldn't mind upgrading to a skyline from a sunny. is this because of the size difference or the performance differnce? if it's peformance, pick up a copy of maxpower. i have seen quite a few sunny's in there.

i "dream" of cars more for the performance aspect than to get looks driving down the road. i don't mind the looks,though, either! i just can't leave well enough alone, when it comes to the internal combustion engine.

also, performance cars today actually burn very clean, unlike the muscle cars fom the 60's. now, gas mileage, that's another story. it is possible to get good fuel economy, but only if you can keep your foot outta the go pedal.

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Currently driving: 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse
Dream Car: Something bigger/taller than the Eclipse, so that big trucks can see me and not accidentally/purposely run me off the road
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I drive an '89 Toyota Land Cruiser, the last good model. It is bomb proof and can haul my raft too
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currently driving a Mazda B3000 pickup, though this is actually the fiancee's truck.

dream car? There are two:
a Volvo P1800 of any year
a brand new Volvo V70 XC station wagon.

Why are Volvo's my dream car? Because they ROCK!

I drove a 1986 240DL into the ground before getting rid of it. It has been my favorite car ever since.
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My "new" vehicle is a 1990 Chevy minivan! LOL! My hubby drives a Ford Probe (the closest thing to a sports car I'd probably ever be willing to own), and my dream vehicle was always a chevy 4x4 shortbox. Never wanted a sports car, even when I was a teen...too impractical. Pretty, but usually not made well, motors often suck and the bodies on most smash up like accordians at the slightest fender bender.

Who knows, maybe they are starting to make them better now, but I doubt it. In today's world it's quantity not quality unfortunately.
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Usually drive the 92 Taurus...sometimes borrow hubbys 02 Honda CRV. I'm tired of driving in general so my dream car is anything with a chauffeur
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I drive a flame red Jeep Cherokee Country. I love my Jeep.
It has all I need...large capacity for hauling found treasures, bags of mulch, peat and potting soil, lots of plants and STUFF. I just wish somebody could figure out what's wrong with it....

My dream car? A Jeep.
Never wanted any other car. All I need in a car is cargo space.

If I had a bunch o' money, it might be fun to have one of the new VW Beetles just for play. I like the colors.

About the only cars I can recognize are Jeeps and Jaguars. Jaguars are kind of pretty.

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I cant drive but I'm getting close my mom and dad drive a 80 Scout and a 79 VW yellowish orange camper bus that we have been every where in it has well over 200,000mi on it

the car I would like (that I might be able to get) is a
70 something VW bug that is red and is a covetable
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Currently driving:

• 1988 Mercury Cougar LS ( will be selling soon as I only need 1 vehicle )

• 1994 Mercury Sable LS
• 1996 Dodge Grand Caravan

Ok, so I will still have two vehicles. I just like to have more than one thing to drive.
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Technoracer - yeah, I think most of the Sunnys in Max Power are the Nissan GTI-R, the mark above mine. I don't think you can do much with the 1986-1991 Sunny before the shape change.

I like the Skyline / Mitsubishi Evo / Subaru Impreza / Toyota Supra style of Japanese supercar because of the power and the looks. I think they have a way of making them look aggressive in a way European cars can't. It's a pity about the 276hp limit, but unofficially these cars are meant to have in the region of 310hp.
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Here is my '89 Jeep Cherokee that I own:


Its been awhile since I have posted any pictures

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...Let me guess know one can see my photo?
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Well, you can tell a lot by a person from what they drive

Me = '02 Nissan Pathfinder LE

I don't have a dream car... but my NEXT car will be the Volvo XC90 ... or if not an SUV then the saab 9-3

The soccer mom pathfinder will only find a place in my driveway until the warranty is over
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I drive a Vauxall Astra estate, very useful at moving tall Sarracenias around! Dream car? A Kawasaki ZZR 1200 as I used to ride the old ZX11 (ZZR1100).