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What car do u drive

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I currently drive a 1994 BMW 740iL.

My dream cars are:
Toyota Supra
Nissan 350Z
Mercedes C230
Porsche GT2

My old Dream Car was a Dodge Ram 4X4 Sport, Black, with leather interior, and a 5.9 V8 (360), Roll/Light Bar, spray in bed liner, step bars...

I currently drive that... (With a few added dents (not all by me&#33

My next Dream Car, is the H2, either Yellow or Black... man they are just GORGEOUS...

of course i would make it a tax write off by putting the petflytrap/exotic gardens logo on the sides and back!
well, im only 13 so i dont drive any cars, but my dream car would be:
Dodge Viper GT2
Toyota Supra
1955 Porshe Spider

Odd huh?
yes, very odd...

I'd say the H2 hummer, in yello, black, or especially camo
well i don't drive i ride.
i got a 82 Suzuki GS300L

my dream is to have a
1965 Indian Cheaf
? Harley Davidson "lowrider"
? a custom Sturgis Special El Diablo II "by westcoastchoppers"
I drive a '89 Jeep Cherokee with 225000 miles. It is paid for so I am living mighty fine, Thanks. I would post a picture of it if someone is willing to load it for me on the web.

My dream car is a: Honda Civic with the color purple with big yellow flowers. Then have big speakers and play polka music. Then watch people stare at me while I have the biggest smile in the world. For everything else theirs MasterCard! O'well fun to dream and imagine peoples reactions as I drive by.
I doubt this would be my dream car...If I had to choose my dream car it would be an old Corvette of some sort.

I currently drive a BMW 316i (touring)

My dream car: Ferrari 250 GTO, only 39 made and IMO the most beautiful car ever made.

Vrrrrrm Vrrrrrrrrm!

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toyota camary. delorean
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What do cars have to do with cps? I know this is a open forum but CARS?

the very bord >

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I drive: 2000 4x4 Xterra (yellow)

Dream SUV: H1 (yellow)

Dream Truck: 4x4 Frontier with crew cab (yellow)

Dream car: Nissan Skyline R34 Vspec II (blue)

EDIT: I might add that I preffer SUVs to cars in PR because they can get you out of sticky situations when the weather gets bad.
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This is General Discussion, so anything goes.

If the topic was out of line do you think a mod would have responded to it? Much less two or three?


This is a community, and it involves more than just plants!
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right now i have 2 cars, a 96 neon sport (2 door) that is my daily driver, and is almost stock. i also have a 95 neon sport (4 door) that call my "toy". i spent about 2 years entering it in car shows locally and have won 6 trophies with it! if you would like to see pictures of it, please check out my web site (hasn't been updated for about a year) at www.geocities.com/thetechnoracerpage . i also take both cars drag racing from time to time, and have a buddy who's neon runs 12.40's at the track (faster than vette's) with about 250 hp.

now, for a "dream car", i can only give you a list, since i can't narrow it down to one!
a modified toyota supra (check out www.suprastore.com for ideas)
a nissan skyline r34 (www.motorex.com).
ferrari's. f40, f50, 456gt...
bmw m5
viper gts

i could go on...

btw, i think this is a great post, as i have 3 major hobbies (cp's, music, and cars).
if anyone else is into "sport compact" cars, send me an email! i'd love to see what you have!

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I drive a rusted out '89 Chevy Spectrum with 200,000 miles on it..
My dream is a 4wd Toyota Tundra with a V8 engine, standard transmission, 6" lift kit and some serious off-road tires (I won't bore you all with the exact details
) I'd throw a nice canopy on the back and put a foam mattress in it for camping on my 2,500 mile trips up north... gotta have something to keep you away from the bears
The color would probably have to be black for both the canopy and the truck..
Ok.. I'm drooling now..
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Well I share a 1991 Nissan Sunny 1.4

I wouldn't mind upgrading to a Nissan Skyline though.
A 7 series BMW isn't a bad car either eplants
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I drive the Hodan accord (1998).

Would LOVE an early 70's vet.

</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote </td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">I'd say the H2 hummer[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>

And who could say no to a hummer?

Took one into the Arizona desert last year.  Very cool.
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I drive a 2000 Ford Focus wagon. Going to get a new one this spring. Not sure what I'm going to get yet. Thinking about the Hyundai Sante Fe, because of the price and warranty. I don't really have a dream car, just more concerned with applicability than showing off. But if I could pick anything, it would probably be a Hummer.
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Honda Civic 2000 Hatchback in Vogue Silver

Dreaming of:
Audi TT
Toyota Supra
Toyota MR2 (not Spyder)
Mitsubishi Skyline
Mitsubishi Eclipse
Lotus Turbo Esprit
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Whoops... typo...
I meant Nissan Skyline not Mitsubishi...