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I have a small "pond" setup in one of my terrariums. I bought some duckweed and one or two small aquatic plants to put into it. Well apparently I got some guests that traveled with the plants as I noticed extremely tinny white worms crawling on the glass and I also noticed tinny critters swimming around, not sure exactly what they are maybe daphnia (they looked even smaller then I remember daphnia being) or some thing similar.

I was thinking maybe a Utric could help out by eating some of these guys? Or would they be too large for a Utric? What do you folks think? I have some experience growing terrestrial utrics ( and have planted some around the edge of the pond) however I was wondering what would be a easy to grow aquatic utric that could survive in my pond?

The pond is about 10 inch long by 8 inch wide and about 5 - 6 inch deep. It gets medium light, high humidity and I not sure the temperature of the water but the terrarium is warm all of the time. The bottom of the pond was originally covered in a one inch layer of gravel but over time a thin layer of peat and some orchid bark has worked its way in. Their is also a slow trickle water feature that gives some circulation.

If any one has a recommendation and/or portion of some thing I could buy/sase or I can trade a portion of the following U.Tricolor,U.Longifolia,U.Sandersonii,U.Praelonga . It would be greatly appreciated


I don't think aquatic utrics would help much. Maybe some fish?
You could try something like U. gibba, but I don't think it would make much difference. Why are you worried about the creatures - they sound fairly harmless.