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What Breed is This?

I found a picture post back on page 6 of some VFTs that stand straight up, I hadn't seen any like that before, mine just stay close to the ground. I was thinking that if I could find out what kind it is it might make a good next adition to my collection.

Can anyone help?
I cannot answer your question, but I have 2 of them (one is MUCH larger than the other) and the are great! I love them. If you love VFT, you should hunt one down! You'll enjoy it!
I think in the summer the VFT grows upright leaves. The actual timing may be a little iffy but I've seen a couple different varieties do this. I still have some with leaves on the ground but I expect them to change soon.
Dyflam, so what your saying is that a commom VFT well grow both flat to the ground and vertical?
The picture I was looking at didn't show any leaves level with the ground all upright.
My common vft has a few vertical leaves this year, it never developed any last year. They do seem to produce some when they get bigger. I've seen dente/dentate traps ones that seem to produce mostly upright leaves, but I'm not sure if it is normal for them or not.

Dyflam is correct. During fall, VFTs grow leaves that are close to the ground and have broad petioles. I believe this is form of protection to keep the bulb from freezing during the winter (think self-mulching, it is hard to freeze the ground when first you have to go through layers of leaves.) This is aslo to the plants advantage as usually these leaves survive the winter and can pick up some ground dwelling meals as spring aproaches. Once the weather warms the plants will then grow longer leaves to raise their leaves/traps above competing foliage from other plants.

and there you have an ever so elegant answer from our resident pyromaniac!
No one answered his Question. There giant VFT's pal
I am indeed a pyromaniac and proud


While I never saw the picture, from teh sounds of it it is actually a typical VFT. And the question was about the fact that the leaves stand straight up so the question was answered.

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I looked... if I saw the right one, it is a typical.

And the question, was "Identify the type that has leaves that stand up" all of them do, every single kind... so the question was answered. .....Pal
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Actually the answer to the question was "Yes", we can help. And looking back... I think we did.