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What are the parenst of n. x coccinea

since I was recieveing a cutting of n. x coccinea from jeremiah ( btw , he still has 2 left ) , iw as wondering what are its parents , i can't find the info anywhere and also can you please describe the plant like how tall it grows , what size pitchers it make , what coler it gets , and any special info I need .
If you're looking for parentage of cp's or valid names,
I strongly suggest using http://encyclo.free.fr/pages/lsttotal.htm
it in French, but here's how it works:
red = valid species name
blue = invalid species or valid hybrid
orange = parentage for hybrids or correct name for species

So: N x coccinea =[[[Nepenthes rafflesiana {Jack}] X [Nepenthes ampullaria {Jack}]] X [Nepenthes mirabilis {(Lour.) Druce}]]