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Wet soil

Well, my little PFT terrarium and 2 VFTs came in today (Woohoo)! The little guys seemed a little 'tired' from their trip, but there was only 1 black pod an both plants had around 6 or 7 healthy looking ones, so I'm guessing that's pretty good.

I dropped the soil I bought into the terrarium and had to add a bunch of water since it was bone dry. It was hard to get it to even look wet at all. Unfortunately, I think I may have went a bit overboard. When I was digging little holes out for the plants, there were actually little puddles accumulating in them. Am I right, Is this too wet? If so, is there any way to take care of that or should I just let it sit a few days and see what happens? The plants are planted directly in the soil (no pots).

On a side note, about how wet should I keep them? Also, should I water the soil near them, or water the soil off away from them and let the water seep over to their roots?

Any suggestions would be appreciated...Thanks for reading!
VFT's like WET soil...   pick some up and pinch it..  water should run down your arm and drip on the ground like grease from a really good hamburger (lol can you tell its almost dinnertime??)
Good luck with your new plants  


Edit: Check out Barry Rice's FAQ on Venus Fly Traps http://www.sarracenia.com/faq.html That should give you all the info you need to get started.
What kind of soil did you use?

IMO the potting mix should be fairly moist. I would let the water level go down before adding more so they are not constantly sopping wet.
Woah! Quick replies!

I used a 50/50 Peat and Perlite mix. The soil is just about like that greasy hamburger...nice analogy.

Dry peat is notoriously hard to rewet. I suggest you knead the mix until the water is absorbed like a sponge. VFT's like it wet, but also appreciate aeration about the roots, puddles in a closed terrarium seems to wet to me. Provide good air circulation by opening the terrarium.