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Weird thing happened with a cutting


Staff member
So I got this sacrificial lamb VFT at the local garden center. I wanted to try my hand at leaf cuttings. The first try was a resounding failure
However, I have now altered my medium a little, and a few other things...
So I tore up the rest of the VFT (the mother plant was doing just fine). I litterally tore the WHOLE thing appart. One of the leaves I am attempting to root is not a mature leaf, the trap is still completely immature (still folded back over the petiole). The odd thing is, when I placed it on the rooting medium, it sort of turned upside down (no problem, I just left it). I went back to check it a few days later, and the darn thing was arched straight up into the air, like it was trying to grow towards the light!
Has anyone had a cutting do this before?
never seen it personally, but it makes sense to me that a cutting would still react to light...even though it doesent have roots yet, it is still taking in water and nutrients through the "cut", and the cutting is still fully alive, so I dont see why it wouldnt continue to grow a little and react to light!
obviously the cutting just wasnt yet aware that it had been removed from the root system!

Immature leaves would be much more prone to do that since they have a lot of cells yet to fully expand and form solid cell walls.