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I'm always scared to pull up plants that come up from soil I get in trades, just in case they are carnies. Shall I pull this up?


and this

That last is one of about a dozen that came up after I got a bunch of cool drosera from Zack, but they don't look like anything I'm familar with.
It is a type of grass that sprouts from seeds in the soil, they have a very strong root system, and they can get hard to remove without disurbing the other residents of the pot. I put mine in a different pot to see what it looks like once it gets older.

Thanks, I suspected a type of grass. I'll plan on pulling it up as long as you sure it's not something strange.

just pull it, those #### grasses sprout like mad from sphagnum, they are an insidious weed in the greenhouse.
Just grab the base of the rosette and pull!

Thanks! Two experts agree, I pull!
I did, and the root system did indeed look like grass! Thanks.
Technically, I think that it is a species of sedge rather than grass. Certainly not carnivorous though.