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We\'ve been ReCoGnIzEd! :)

Hi All...

I just thought I would share the news... that we've been published in a children's book called "Garden Fun! - quick starts for kids"

It's a *CUTE* Book for children around the ages of 4-7 ... with neat little garden projects.... and carnivorous plants is one of them.

It'll be available soon... and I think we'll put it on the site... to support the publisher Williamson Publishing.
Hey Phil, that`s awesome! When my son is old enough I will be teaching him to enjoy and protect these wonderful plants. Congratulations!! You guys do a great job and I`m proud to be a part of it. Peace, John.
Cool! I'd like to get a copy. My oldest son is 3 1/2 and he loves to hang out in the garden with me. He also loves my CPs. He says "they eat bugs".

Can't wait to see it.

D. Buck.
I think I'm going to order a few copies from the publisher for our people here that are interested. It's a cute kids book... and funny thing is... not only are we 'mentioned'... their artists drew pictures of carnivorous plants right off of our photos! Pretty cool

So, I'll get a dozen or so books... and put them up on the site.

Wow...thats awsome! I'd be interested in a copy myself. I'm going to be getting a flytrap for an officemate's son and that would be a great book to give him (he's about 7). He just had a science project at school...and I suggested to his mom that he do it on carnivorous plants (knowing how kids think flytraps are cool). So I printed out pics of different kinds of plants and provided the info. He put it all together and worked very hard on it. He gave his presentation today. And guess what grade he got? A ZERO!!! :shocked: I couldn't believe it! His mom is going to call the school tomorrow to find out why he got a zero. But the funny thing is...she asked him if he were upset and he said "No, all the kids LOVED IT!!!!" LOL He had the most popular project and gets a zero! Go figger. Soooo...I'm going to get him his very own flytrap since he was so interested in it. And that book would be a great addition.

Hip hip hooray for Exotic Gardens...you've been "published". :)

Congrats guys! You are doing it right! Cheers!
Grrr... you gotta hate it wen teachers go bad! Go Gettem Suzanne!