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Watering: how much is too much

I've had my neps for over a week now and I've only watered them once. The soil is still moist on the surface, but should I water them still since it's been a week or more? Should I wait until the surface is dry?
I water once a week for my venticosa using 1 cup. Just make sure the soil is moist not damp.


I guess it depends on what your compost is. If it's high in LF sphagnum then once a week would probably suffice, assuming the humidity is high. If you use a courser mix, you can water daily, as long as it's not standing in the water. Some of my plants can stand in water (very shallow) for a while, but it's not something I would recommend to anyone as advice. One should experiment with that sort of thing.
Also, lowland plants tend to need more watering because the high temps cause more evaporation.
Maybe if you gave us some more details, it might be easier to sort out this question.


Thanks for the advice....I guess wiht some experience I'll figure it out...as for details...they are growing in a pretty loose mix of peat, perlite and orchard bark so the water drains out pretty quickly. The humidity is high and the temp is in the 70's to 80's.
I think it depends a lot on the proticular plant. Try experimenting a little to see how it does.