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Thanks for all the help so far. Every one has been great!!
  Now another one.  How much water do I start out with in a 10g terrarium. I have the peat moss about 4 inches thich.  and how often do i water it?  Once again, thanks for all your help
In my experience with my flytrap, I water the soil until it's pretty saturated, so if you put your finger in it your finger's noticeably wet. Not a very technical description, but that's what I did. Then I would wait for about 5 days or so to water it again, but I wouldn't go by a set day, I would check the soil every day or so and just see how the soil is. In my experience they can be overwatered, but some guys say they can't. I found when I had them constantly in soaking wet soil they would grow really slow and the leaves would turn black and die more often, but I don't know. Hope that helps.
In a terrarium, you want to make sure not to overwater.

Test the soil ( like geko said )...adding too much water will cause rotting and mold...not good things.

I have some more information on the CP FAQ site


If you need some more help too, you can always send me an email jaie@petflytrap.com