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I need a hug.
There was a sudden thunder shower(I mean out of nowhere, 30 minutes before it was hot and I was suntanning and reading outside by my koi pond. I went in to play computer, heard a crash of thunder, looked outside and about passed out. My ventricosa had been ripped out of it's pot at the base. I found it down on my neighbors patio, but it had only one tiny root, I am very positive it will die. I am just really upset over this, it was just starting to make real pitchers(almost an inch long, bugs could get in to die). Anybody have any chocolate or something? Pickled Garlic maybe? That is my favorite comfort food. Garlic. Go eat it in Texas, then you'll get it. *sigh* A purpurea 2 weeks ago and now this, I hate life. I might loose my raff too, it got the #### beat out of it. *quotes Galaxy Quest* It's not fair, it's just not fair.
*quotes it again*
Tawny Madison: Where are you going?
Dr. Lazarus: To see if there's a pub!
Treat it like a cutting and it might just suprise you. Ventricosa is almost bomb proof.
I agree with Pyro. My ventricosa has been through plenty of abuse, and has always made it. Might as well go for a clipping while you're at it.

Roasted Garlic is one of my faves, just slap it on the barbie with some olive oil in foil and you'll feel just fine.
Well that sucks. Kind of wierd how a storm can appear with such high winds so quickly.
That is to bad but I am sure what Pyro said would work. I love garlic...mmmmmmm! ;0
I"m sorry to hear that.. It sounds ilke you have simliar weather in WA as I do over here.. We go from 100+ degrees to flash flood/typhoon in less than thirty seconds...

Well I've been reading this thread and have decided to speak a little.
I am sure your Ventricosa will be OK. Like Pyro said it is almost bomb proof. I would say more of a transplant proof palnt it is like. As a matter of fact I just repotted my Ventricosa and it is already sending up 2 new leaves! Goofy thing. I wouldn't woory too much unless the palnt wasn't healthy in the first palce. It should come back fine.
Well, here's hopin then. *raises glass* It is looking okay today still. It might pull through, I am just worried because it lost it's root structure ya know?
I know what you mean. I personally think it will come through fine. If it had pitchers on it before all this and it was fed beofre this than it has quite abit of energy in it so it can put that to good use in forming another root structure.
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try dipping the bottom in rooting hormone. Also you could try rooting it higher up incase the lower roots die out. Just a suggestion...