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Jul 29, 2001
Greenswamp, NC
As some of you may know, I have been fighting a virus, worm, Trojan, spyware, bug or something for about 2 months now.
I have finally gotten rid of it. To get rid of it I had to reinstall windows. I did that last night.
This was a weird virus. It started really slow. Strange things started happening. I would be online and without any warning I would be offline. I wouldn't get a box telling me I'm offline. I would just be waiting for something to load and then I would notice I was offline. Strange programs would open up. I would only find them by pressing ctrl alt del. I would close them do a search to find them and delete them. But they would come right back. I had one program that would open itself about 50 or more times all at ones. When I try to delete it I couldn't because it was always open. I started getting a massive amount of popups. Most were for spyware protection. I would click on a website and my browser would be hijacked and it would go to other sites. My home page was changed and I wasn't allowed to change it back. Then ALL my programs stopped working. Except for IE. I hate IE by the way. When I tried to open something, I would get a box saying it was missing or didn't exist. So I went online and did an online scan. Before I was kicked of the internet it had found 8 infected files. But since I couldn't stay connected longer than about 10 mins tops, I could not use online virus scans. I went and bought one that would startup before windows loaded. I couldn't open it because I had files missing. So apparently this virus deleted the files I needed to open most programs. I couldn't install anything because I couldn't open any programs. I couldn't even open add/remove programs. This virus really had my pc crippled. After reinstalling windows I installed the virus guard. I had virus protection before but I didn't update it, and then I couldn't even open it.
Man it feels good to have finally beaten that virus. I wish I had 5 minutes with whoever sent it to me. If there was a thing as online murder, I'd be in cyber jail right now.


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Apr 18, 2004
Pasadena, CA
Congratulations on the triumph, I know what a pain it can be, my little brother had just about every single form of malware, and over time it became unbearable.  It was so much "fun", getting on to the internet was not an option, and frankly I didn't want that thing on the network, so I started with a few hours registry surfing, blasting things to ####.  I know what you mean about the cyber murder thing:  When I get woken up at 2:00 AM from some moron who thought it'd be a good idea to send me (ANOTHER) junk fax, I wish I could travel through the telephone wire and let my foot and his hind end have a lengthy discussion on the matter.  Well, congrats on the fix, I hope everything stays well, if something does go amuck though, feel free to PM me.
Apr 5, 2002
Los Angeles, CA
Well, I'm a bit of an expert on these things now 'cause I run a small multimedia lab. I suggest downloading the following free software from download.com or getting the full version as needed:

Window Washer - cleans up cookies, caches, etc. Also "bleaches" deleted files to Department of Defense standards...

Spybot Search & Destroy - exactly what it says.

Registry Mechanic - fixes broken files, scans registry for problems.

RegCleaner (the full version of this is totally free)- puts your registry in plainer language. Can delete parts of the registry, including any suspicious stuff. Can also run an autoregistry cleanup. Also, if I find a new software installed and I know I haven't installed anything, then I know it's spyware! Plus, it has backups if you mess up ;)

Hijack This! - This one really, really finds things in your registry. Better than RegCleaner, but I only recommend this one to advanced users. You have to make your own judgements of which things to delete.

And of course, get yourself McAfee or Norton for regular 'ole viruses.

Oh, IF you have the cash
you will want Pest Patrol. It's the very, very best. Finds spyware cookies and spyware hidden or installed on your computer. It found things that the others didn't detect.