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my wife brought me home some vft's from wal-mart they were in poor condition so she bought
all that they had but they had them in some kind of pete they were very dry and wrinkly
they were still green so i repotted them in a 60/40 mix of canadian spagum & perlite but
what i was wondering if i did the right thing by repotting them ? please let me know.
You probably should have waited for the plants to adjust to there new surroundings. Make sure it has plenty of water (don't water it from the top, and don't use tap water)(instead use distileled water, the tap water will kill it) to water put it in a saucer with about a inch of water in it, and just set the plant in it, keep the saucer full of that inch of water) Give the plant a ton of bright light (but not direct hot sun). If the plant starts to die try a mix of 70% peat or sphagnum moss and 30% perlite or coarse pumis. But wait a while because replacing the soil again will probably kill it.
what would be the difference if it was vft bulbs ?
Yes, repotting is fine! Make sure you water them with distilled water about 1 inch every 2 days. Make sure they get plenty of sunlight, keep the plant is a sunny window. If you dont have much sun where you live purchase a plant light, these cost around 5 dollars and you can find them at a local department store. Never feed them HAMBURGER OR BOLONGA. Well actulley ive fed mine bolonga and it didnt die! Thats about it.
yse guys lets all feed our vfts meat and fish

now why would u do that