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Vfts in terrium ,more light need help

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I have a window that faces the east and get sun most of the day.I want to put my terrerium here but the directions say not to put in direct sunlight.I want my traps to have that nice pink center
Nat, be sure that your variety does indeed make pink centers. I have a couple plants in the same pot, so they all get the same amount of light, but there is a spectrum of redness to them.
Hi Nat Trap  

While the amount of light a VFT receives can affect the coloring of the plant and trap, it isn't necessarily the definitive factor.  Some VFTs won't get real pink or red no matter how much sun they get.  That depends on the genetics of the plant.  However an east window should be ok for your plants.  An eastern exposure isn't real strong sunlight and the amount of hours is limited (err...unless you live somewhere exotic... I don't know where you live.). In fact your plants might do better with a little more sunlight than that.

What you need to be concerned about with a terrarium and direct sun, is that the temperature doesn't build up inside and get too hot.  Also you need good air circulation so the inside doesn't stay too warm and wet which encourages mold and fungus.

As long as you watch the temps and air circulation, I don't see any reason why your terrarium can't go in your window.

Good luck!

i have a standard venusflytrap and i live in Missouri.
hey you got a new avatar.well could i keep my vft terrium in a windowseal that gets direct sunlight all day.i have have a 1 gollon terrium and the tropicare humitity thing.
I think full sun would be fine as long as you watch the temperature. IF your terrarium is enclosed, the heat can build up very fast. Is there a reason you have the VFT in a terrarium? If you just like the way it looks, that's fine but you don't HAVE to grow a flytrap in a terrarium. They don't have high humidity requirements like some other CPs do. They can grow fine just sitting on a window sill or table in the sun. That also makes it easier for them to catch bugs. I have a VFT at work on a window sill and it does well.

Yeah...I finally changed my avatar. Thats my sweet dog Jonah. He is a hoot.

its because outside is way to hot and since it gona be indors mine as well putt it in a terreium.
A general rule is all flytraps will go all red in the traps if given sufficient light, exept for the all green or yellow type.Some may require massive massive amount of sunlight to go red in the traps. Some will go red easily, like my dingley giant in jhaluska's avater.
Oh ya, a little secret to make plants red is to starve the plant. When nitrogen levels are low, the plant will need to turn red to attract more insects.
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Sorry Uglypho, it was too beautiful to resist! I just wish it was mine!
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Oh no Jhaluska it was fine by me!
I'm glad you liked it. I entered that pic into the cpuk most beatiful cp contest. You could enter or you could vote.

Oh ya it will be yours well the dingleys will be.
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could i see your plants uglypho?
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Would a grow light be good for my plants?
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</span><table border="0" align="center" width="95%" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1"><tr><td>Quote (Nat Trap @ Aug. 26 2003,7:19)</td></tr><tr><td id="QUOTE">Would a grow light be good for my plants?[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Yes grow lights would be good for your plants....but I would use florescent lights instead (much cheaper).  That is what I have been using for the past two years for my cps. I have a timer that turns the lights on at 6 am and turns the lights off at 10:30pm. Even when I go on vacation the timer still works durning that time frame.

Hope that helps,
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So a florescent light works just as well as a grow light
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That I can not ansewer because I have not tried grow lights. I am sure grow lights are better but is it worth paying more for a cp that may have the same results (whether grown by florescent lights or grow lights). I think grow lights are about 15 to 45 dollars depending on size compared to florescents light witch are roughly 5 to 25 dollars (this is a guess I have gone out personnally to check prices
) I also know that grow lights cost more on your bills...

Penny Pincher,