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I find myself staring at my VFT'S for long periods of time.
Is it the sweet nectar?

My wife is starting to get a little jealous. I found a good humidifier(we are dry here) at a yard sale and bought it for our room. I told my wife it was for our benefit, but I don't think she bought it. I rigged a twin 20 watt 4' shop light, inserted a couple of plant bulbs and suspended it over my dresser after scooping everything off of it. I painted the lamp hunter green hoping it would blend in with our carefully remodeled room and put my VFT'S freshly bought off of Exotic Gardens. I bought two books, am on the internet constantly to find information about these guys. If my wife leaves me, I'm sure gonna miss her.

I know I'm weird

I'm terrified to bring a VFT to work, fearing it will cut into even more productivity time.
Ha! It's the old "need a humidifier for our health" trick

Nice try but my hubby caught on to that real fast too

Have fun with your new hobby! It's so interesting and there's so much to learn. The folks here are great and very helpful.
Welcome to our addiction....and remind your wife that at least you're at home for this hobby.
I bought 3 humidifiers about 2 weeks ago. Bought 2 at first, but ended up getting a third. I couldn't resist as they were on clearance for $10 each. Just hope my wife doesn't notice the third one right away. Still might have to hide it for awhile.


That's why I put them in the bedroom. So at least I'm in the same room as her when I look at them.

They are doing real good so far; have had them for about 8 days now. Bought from Exotic Gardens (here).

It's hard to keep from playing and primping them. I ordered some Green Dragons, I figured that the more I have to care for, the less each one is 'overloved' and may increase their chances of survivability with me.

I did that humidifier for health trick last week . But she knew right away why I really wanted one

It was my wife that spotted my humidifier in one of her Mum's catologues and suggested I get one, I certainly spend more time with her now and less time messing about spraying my Neps!

She even payed for it!, you guys ought to get your other halves trained!



The only way I got away with it was that I bought an expensive model at a garage sale for next to nothing; so she didn't gripe too much.

We are both enjoying the added humidity in these winter months now.

My VFT'S are very much enjoying the unit as well.

I agree with Vic, his methods sounds like a good long term solution for this uncurable addiction of ours hee hee
"I know I'm weird"
... and the rest of us aren't?