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It's growing! For the past two weeksish, (i've had it for a month) it has been growing a noticable amount each DAY! I wont say significant, but definatlly noticable... I a so happy! Is this it overcoming shock? Will it grow this fast forever?
when flytraps grow they are usually happy. So congrats, your shock period is most likely over.

To make sure it is happy with your environment, inspect the leaves. they should be prostrate, (more so than not) if they are spindly, not enough light, fatter the better.
Well, the leaves from before are thin, but thats because they were in white rose, sorta same atmosphere ae walmart, to special lights over them... but the new ones are wider... hooray.

Also. Unless I leave it alone (no feeding), then the leaves get black on the tips of the petioles...

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Yep, they should be growing wide leaves and small traps now and narrow leaves and big traps in summer.
Really? Right now mine is growing thin leaves. I have been brining it gradually out of dormancy for the past few weeks by moving it to a warmer spot in my apartment (away from the cold window) and lengthing the amount of light each day. Do the thin leaves mean it is not getting enough light? They seem to be stiff and are pointing straight up towards the light. I have it under a 13-watt florescent Ott-lite, about 11 hrs a day right now.
I believe your plant is light starved.