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Vft\'s not closing


I have my vfts under artificial light, and i know nepenthes need more light then vft's, but there more then thriving. and my vft's are growing freat, its just whenever i try to trigger the trap, it doesnt busge, none of them do, on both plants. can there be too much light, i took out one of the lightbulbs and i hope it helps.
Nepenthes don't necessarily need more light than VFT. VFT can tolerate full sun in most places in the world. Are you trying to feed an old trap? If you repotted recently the plant could maybe be stressed out as well. The problem might even be too little light!

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no, there brand new traps. and all of my plants, except my vft are thriving, even my drosera which was dead for over a month came back from the roots!
sit your plant outside in the sun where it will not be bothered. i sit mine on the deck, it gets about 9 hours of direct sun a day and its perfectly happy.
Hey timbudtwo,
What kind of artificial lighting are you using? A regular florescent light? I want to know because, here in chicago, it has been rainy the last couple of days and would like to use artificial light myself. I just don't want to hurt my VFT, so i wanted to know what kind of Artificial lighting you are using.

ThanX in advance!
ah, it didnt have enought humidity, i gave put a cup over it and it has planty of room an there closing now, yay! Also pipsqueek, im using 2 60 watt bulbs, and 1 130 watt bulb, none are frosted. the 130 watt bulb is from my lavalamp.