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Vft is small

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    baby vft


I bought a vft from a local plants store last year and it had big traps when i bought it but then all the traps died away and new baby traps grew in there place (is that normal) now the traps are very very slow growing and are still pretty small (is that normal) any advice you can give me is much appreciated. THX
hey jim , welcome to the forums . to answer your question try to go to www.sarracenia.com or you can check my care sheet . anwyas , i'm guessing its because you might not be giving it enough light or that it may be enaring to dormancy . depending on where you live your going to have to put it in a nice cool place with little light and i'm sure that everything is normal . good luck .
Hi Jimflytrap2

Welcome to the forums.

Jim...its a little hard to diagnose a problem without having more details. Guessing about growing factors won't really help you out.

If you could give us a little more detail about the growing environment, maybe we can offer some helpful information.

How are you growing it? Potted or in a soil terrarium? Do you grow it indoor or outdoors? What media is it planted it? What type of water do you use? Do you keep it wet? Does it drain? How much and what kind of light does it get? What temperature is it growing at? Has it ever had a dormant period (sounds like you've had it at least a year)?

Just like with a Dr., you can't say simply "I feel sick" and get much of a diagnosis. You've got to provide all the details of your symptoms.

Oh man, i have that same problem too, maybe i can put it into more detail. Well, one day i went to lowes to buy a venus flytrap. I found one that had rather large traps so i bought it. It was doing great until i noticed that one of the new traps that had sprouted out and grown up into the air, had a non-grown trap. that is, a trap that had not grown at all since it had first come out of the middle of the vft. The leaf was perfect in size but the trap itself hadn't grown at all. It is the size of around half a centimeter. Now all of the traps that are growning are that size. Does anybody know the solution to me and Jimflytrap2's VFT Problems?? Please help