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VFT in south window



I purchased a vft in bloom a few weeks ago. I place it in my orchid stand which is enclosed in white plastic. I use fluorescent tubes for lighting and there is a humidifier going 24hrs a day. The rh is around 50%. The vft seems to be planted in moss and it sits in a dish of distilled water. It is not doing well. Would it be better off in a south window. I would really like to keep this one alive.
Hey, welcoem to pft.com man

ok first thing, why dosnt it seem to be doing healthy? it sounds like you have it all worked out. could you describe what is wrong with it? maybe you should have the light around 7" away from the plant and not light it with the plastic on top, as i am sure it will create more heat inside, try it without the plastic top on, and describe how it looks in bad shape.


AHH maybe what might be the problem is that it has a stalk or is still in bloom.. if it still has a stalk with flowers i would advice you to ccut it off as low to the ground you can get it. Unless you want seeds, the stalk might seem to be wasting the energy of your VFT

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1 pm on Mar. 21, 2002)
The stems seem to be going limp and the traps are hanging over the edge of the pot. It is not in the plastic cover and I just cut off the flower stem. I liked the flowers but they're spent now.
The plant might possible be exhausted from flowering. They can withstand it in the wild but in 'captivity' they will never have the optimum light, temperature etc.
I would try moving it to a south facing windowsill anyway to see if it will perk up a bit.
Hi Joflo,
Alvin is right when he says the plant will be exhausted from flowering, but it will also be that the conditions inside your home will be far from ideal. Do you have a sunny greenhouse? My experience of growing VFT on a long term basis indoors is not the best. Cooler nights and light from above together witha cold winter dormancy and removing flower stems as soon as they appear( For you in the future) will mean success.
Thanks, Stefan, Alvin and Mike. I see that I made a mistake in wanting the flowers. I have moved it to my south window and hopefully it will do better there.