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VFT Akai Ryu Flower Stalk

I have just got a nice looking Akai Ryu, it has several new traps growing on it. There is also a growth right from the centre of the 'bulb' that is looking suspiciously like a flower stalk (it is about 2" high at present).

I presume that because it is growing from the centre of the plant it is not a new leaf with a trap and must be a flower stalk. Is this correct?

If it is a flower stalk I want to remove it. Should I cut it as close to the bulb as possible? If not where is the best place?
Cut it off as near to the bottom as you can get it.
Hi Oli,
I am glad the Akai Ryu you had from me is settling in ok. The suspected flower stalk would not have the typical folded back midrib of a developing leaf with trap, but would grow vertically upwards.

Good pruning!