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Venus Flytraps



Does anybody know the best website where I can buy VFTs and have them ship to the US with alive traps. Also where can I find the most mutated in a website?(Giant, Red band- jaws and teeth, royal red, etc.) Thanks for your help!
For the best in VFTs, look no further than right here at petflytrap.com!
yes, this website sells 4 kinds of VFT's and soon more, they come REALLY helthy and RARELY ever have ANY dead traps, all the ones i have orderred had NO DEAD traps, and i orded 2 so far with th double plant in 1 pot option
This is the best place!! My plants always look great when they arrive. Do your shopping here
Yes, definately buy from this website! Great customer service and products!
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I would order from here. both my traps(double plant option) came here fine. Of course, i was ignorant and fed it tap water and hamburger. DUH!! hello! hehe. they died two weeks later because of my ignorance. lol. Definitely order from here, cause the traps always come perfect.