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Venus flytraps for the birds


It’s a trap!
When I got home from work today, I checked on a newly planted venus flytrap mini bog. One vft in particular was of interest to me as it had been almost totaly distroyed by a fungal attack earlier in the year and was just now recovering. To my dismay, the plant had been dug up with no trace of the plant left. Another vft in the same minibog was totally covered by the moss the kidnapper had removed to steal the other vft.

I am thinking this was either a bird or a squirrel. I am leaning more towards a bird as there was not other damage in the area or trampled plants.

If this continues, I will be investing in some bird netting to cover my plants with.

This is my first plant loss due to something stealing/eating it.

Hope everyone else has a good day. Mine started out bad, got better, and then somewhat bad again. So, I am off to become slightly more happy by taking some more photos.
Sorry to hear that. But, make sure to post your pics! :p
Does anybody have an idea as to why the animals would rip a plant out of the ground? It doesn't seem like a food source, maybe smell or color?

Could a person have poached it?
Some birds use plants as nesting material. I had lost some plants to pegions that used some of my plants as a nest. Neting might do the trick. Or my be a wooden owl or something just my 2 cents.
The funny part is that it was only the bulb portion of the plant. This particular plant was attacked by a fungus an nearly died. I had to remove all the leaves and soak it in a fungicide. It has just started producing a small set of leaves two days ago. It just seems odd that it was singled out.

I don't believe anyone took the plant. It was in the process of recovering and I have a nice pot of venus flytraps that are producing 1 inch traps only a few feet away. I was attempting to make a rectangular mini bog with a solid mat of Dionaea traps across it. I know have to find a replacement plant. I have 20 Akai Ryu's coming next week and might add one to the mini bog. However, it would be the odd plant out as all the others are commons.
It may have been taken, I know if I were to steal a plant I would take the smallest, one that wouldn't be missed or even seen.

Not that I ever stole a plant or something....

(never did I swear)
Sorry to hear that Nick
(my chickens have tried that a time or two, Till I got smart and put mine on a pedestol out of there reach&#33