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venus flytrap pics

Hi uglypho,

I cannot get to your pics.
I don't know what you two are talking about but I can see them perfectly. Listen to what he said. I clicked them it said they won't show up. In the address bar copy and past that address into a different address bar and hit enter. They should show up. By the way nice photos. Where did you buy them because they look really good.
they worked for me! i just highlighted, right click, and open in new window. popped right up.

nice plants!

Okay. Doesn't make any sense, but this is what worked for me:

Couldn't get them in this window.

Couldn't get them in a new window (link or cut-n-paste), but...

When I recieved the "404" page it wouldn't work in that window either, so I clicked on "help area", went there--put it in that address bar and they popped right up.

Anybody have any logic on that?

The "404" page and the "help area" were in separate windows. New window to "404" then another new window to "help area".
Them pics bring back fond memories of my first vft, same packaging and everything

The images will display, but there's a trick to it. Copy the url, open up a new browser window, then paste the url into that new window. When you're done viewing, simply close that window and you're back here, ready to read more posts!
I got my flytrap from Lowe's,a hardware store.I'm glad you could view them.
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I i see them now, nice!

I like all the sales gumph on the packet too
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uglypho! How are you keeping them looking so rigid and healthy? You are doing a great job whatever you're doing! I have tried putting my traps in a terrarium and it's been more than a week now. Still no improvement. Still limp, curling and browning. :-(