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Vanda 'robert's delight'

I found a Vanda 'Robert's Delight' at a local orchid show, and i need info on caring for the plant. I hose down the roots every day like Trent said to in a previous post, and it is potted in a little bark with most of the roots hanging out. It is hanging outside right now. The lowest temperatures at night are 55-60 degrees. Should i bring the plant in or can i leave it outside?

P.S what does the "sib" in an orchid name mean?
Sib generally stands for sibling. When two plants from a cross are crossed back to each other. The resulting offspring retain the original cross name.
Where do you live? How much humidity do the plants get? How cold can it get?
Those lows are about as low as it should get consistently. You should balance with warm humid day temps, about 80 F or more, relative humidlity above 60%.
Is the plant V. Robert's Delight x sib. ? Have you seen the flowers? If it's a seedling, and never flowered, the color expectations could be anything from dark violet to dark pink, or even hot reddish pink. There's a huge gene pool behind Robert's Delight.

Trent, the plant is just Vanda Robert's Delight. It's is not the Vamda Robert's Delight x sib. I was just asking because I have a paph lowii x sib and i wanted to know what it meant. Thanks for all your help.