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Vacation Treatment

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I was just wondering what people do when they are away from their CPs for an extended period of time and have nobody who could help out while they are away. How do you keep the plant from drying out whithout flooding it?


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I would put water in the pots, then cover the plants with something that would keep the moisture in.

Then remove them from direct suinlight...and maybe allow for them to be in a partial shade enviornment.

This way, the sun won't cook the plants inside your bag, and the water won't evaporate so fast.

It should hold for about a week like this.

These plants ( from my expierence ) can go a few weeks without out good lighting. THEY CANNOT go without water. Therefore I would worry about the water than the light.
i went away for ten days not long ago and i was wondering the same thing i set it in a tuber wear contain shorter that the pot filled the container up to the brim and the wrapped pastic around the tuberwear but not over the plant that did the trick.
If you are worried about lighting, move them under artificial lights and set the lights up on an inexpensive on/off timer.

But as everyone has said, water is the key and keeping the humidity as close to what they are used to as possible.

I think lots of water and low light kind of simulates a big storm for a few days... it's a natural thing.
Put all the pots that you can in ziplock bags in bright shade (not sun) or under grow lights. This keeps them watered etc.. and keeps up the humidity. I have had good success with this method while away for over a week. Otherwise large tupperware might work.

I keep the plants outdoors under 50-70% shade. I fill the trays to the rim with distilled water and place the entire pot within a large styrofoam box. This helps keep temperature down, humidity up and keeps the pots from drying out too fast. The soil will generally be damp even after a little over a week and a week in the summer.
Um I have never left my plants for too long without water but you can buy a very cheap setup at Petco for &#367 called"The Little Dripper" that holds water and has a timed drip on it so the plants can be watered while you are away. I don't nessasarily (I spelled it wrong didnt I?) know if it would last over a week or even how long it would last, but your plants would get watered while you are away. Its a very simple design and I am sure it can be improved on to last longer and hold more water.

I think the device you mentioned would have to be somehow modified to put out more water. These devices are designed for "conventional" houseplants like ivies and crotons, not plants that like to be kept very moist. It probably drip-irrigates just enough water to keep the soil slightly moist, which would harm a VFT.

It sounds similar to capillary matting (which I do use on vacations for most of my noncarnivores) which also don't keep VFTs moist enough.

But this device sounds like a great idea. If only it could be modified to keep the soil much wetter...


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I think this device has a valve, dunno if it is adjustable or not. I've been thinking about designing my own automatic drip system. The source would be a 1 gallon container feeding water through an airhose into a multivalve unit. From there I can have 5 hoses coming out and be able to direct that to water whichever plants needed it. All this stuff can easily be found at a pet store, but i'm thinking Home Depot might have some better valve options.
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It does have a valve on it
it actually made for reptiles and amphibians that need a wet and humid enviroment. its not necesarilly made for plants but I don't see why it can't be used for it. It also holds about a half a gallon.
Hm...Ill hook it up later when I get home now you got me wondering if it would work and if so for how long.
I think you may be thinking of some thing else DE but I will check it out since Ive been meaning to, #### it could save me some time watering
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Hey I got another idea

Put your plant in one of those styrafoam drink holders and float it in a bucket of water that should do the trick